Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hello Again

Just checking in here to say Hello! It has been some time and there have been quite a few changes. I spent couple of hours reminiscing with my blog this morning. What a trip down memoy lane! As much as things have changed, I was also amazed to see how much has stayed the same.

The biggest change? I would have to say that would be my kids growing up. Blogging with teenagers at home can be challenging. It is so easy to share a fun post about your cute little kids and what they have been up to. When they are a little older, privacy becomes an issue. Now? Now they are all adults!

The world has brought us many beautiful days and, I hate to say, a lot of ugly days too. Those days have been hard, Im not going to lie, but pulling together as a family has helped us through the darkest of them. I'm not going to talk about any of that in detail and I even hesitate to bring it up here in my happy place. Time and circumstances may change that. I don't know.

On a much lighter note...I have a few new patterns in the works! Watch for them in the shop I will also be selling some of my homemade quilty goodness at

Grown children are cause for much self reflection and adjustment for us moms. Apparently hiring managers don't really care that you had an amazing career at Kodak...if it was 15 years ago!

Well, I'm off to spend sometime with the family. I hope to check in here more often.