Thursday, July 25, 2013

She's Moving

Alas, it is true, my dear friend Maggie is moving on.  She's moving to the other side of the country, somewhere near New York.  Sad face. As much as I will miss her, this is a really positive move for her and she has promised to make a trip back or meet up at a retreat somewhere.

In true quilter's fashion, we made a churn dash quilt for her.  Each one of our quilty friends made a 12" block with prints that would remind Maggie of us. The wilder the better :)
Needless to say, she loved it!

I was still having a hard time saying good-bye, so I made her a weekender bag. I made one with mustaches on it for my last market trip.  I'm sure I told you about it, and swore I would never make another one.  Maggie asked if I would help her make one and we never really got around to it.

 Happy Trails Maggie!


  1. Hi, April - I've been enjoying doing your Hello, Moon BOM, and just wanted to leave you a note saying I hope all is well for you and your family - sure hope your quietness at your blog is just good family busy-ness. :D Back-to-school time is crazy for sure!

  2. Great quilt and bag. So sorry friend moving :(

  3. Okay, so clearly I'm wayyyy behind on my blog reading. Blame it on the move and the unpacking! Just wanted to say how much I love love love love my quilt and my amazing weekender bag. They're so so amazing and such great, sweet reminders of my dear friends in Utah. I still can't believe I'm not just a drive away. Or, I guess I am still a drive away, but now it's 4 days non-stop rather than 40 minutes!

    Missing you tons!