Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Use Up That sCRAP!

The week before my Mom's 64th birthday, she was laid off - I know! Then about two weeks later, her sister passed away unexpectedly. It has obviously been a really hard few weeks for her. I thought she could use a pick me up so I pulled out a layer cake that I had laying around. It was one that I bought on sale, but never got around to using. I cut the layer cake up to make a Block of the Month project for my mom. Every two to three weeks, she'll receive a package in the mail with a block pattern and precut pieces. Hopefully it will give her a little something to keep her hands busy.
 Anywho...I was left with a bunch of scraps that were too big to toss and too few to keep.
Marion and I were talking about what to do with these types of scraps, then we came up with a fun idea.  Rather than store the scraps for some future project that we may never get to, we could make a 12" block. We'll just keep using up the scraps as we go. Eventually, we'll have enough 12" blocks for a scrappy quilt. Here is my first block.
We're committed to use up the crap Scraps! Feel free to join us and use the button on your blog.


  1. Oh, your poor mother! :( That is such a sweet gift of love you've made for her. It's sure to melt her heart and bring her a smile.