Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Sue!

So my friend Sue had a birthday coming up and I needed to find the perfect gift for her.  She's a sewie friend, so it had to be a sewie gift.  In true quilters fashion, I decided on a wall hanging about four days before her birthday.  If I had decided on something sooner, I would have procrastinated until four days before her birthday anyway, right?
The pattern came from the talented Charise Randell from Charise Creates. It was in QuiltMaker's quilts from 100 blocks 2013 Spring edition.  Since Elephante and Friends was in the same magazine, I already had it on hand.
It was a little intimidating at first since there were a lot of small pieces, but once I stopped worrying and actually started, it was slick as a whistle! It was great to scrap buster too.
My layout was a little different than the original pattern because I wanted to put the name of Sue's business on it.  She sews more garments than quilts and loves dress forms.

When it came time for the border fabric, I knew just what I wanted...a good neutral color with dress patterns on it.  I couldn't find anything (remember that I waited until the last minute). All the shops were closing and the next day was Sunday.  What to do?

Then it dawned on me, call Sue! She has more fabric than any of us could use in a lifetime.  So I called her and asked if she had anything of the sort.  She did but was a little reluctant to give it up because she loved it.  I told her she would get it back in some form.

 It was perfect, don't you think!

 I can't quite tell, but I think she liked it...


  1. That's the cutest! What a wonderful gift for a dear friend.

  2. Gorgeous.
    And my birthday is in September, so you have lots of time to make another.
    Just sayin'.

  3. It is beautiful! You do such great work! Crystal

  4. perfect for Sue!! Just beautiful!

  5. Excellent present, but I don't think Sue liked it.........grinning.

  6. April...that is seriously ADORABLE!! Love it.

  7. This is the gaping Sue pictured above. It was AMAZING! I couldn't stop looking at it for at least half an hour. I absolutely LOVED it!

  8. This was perfect for Sue! It's was such a lovely gift. Very lucky.