Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Day is It?

Yesterday, I asked my son what day it was.  He told me the really, is it Monday or Tuesday? Then today as I was sending out a text message about bunco, I found myself thinking tomorrow is Thursday, right?

It's all such a flurry of confusion.  It could be that I have this on my mind.

Or that I'm making these

for her

or this to travel in style 

to Market to promote this book and to launch my new patterns.

Ok, back to work...
I actually made this sample for Emily awhile ago, today I'm working on a different one for her, but you get the picture;)


  1. I forget the day all the time...its okay except when it is early out...oops. She is adorable and so are those boots.

  2. You need a sewing machine with the date and time on it for those days that that's all you are looking at is the machine!!! lol Cute stuff Miss April!! Have fun at market!!!!

  3. So much going on! And such amazingly fabulous stuff you're working on, especially those TOTALLY AMAZING booties!! Must have the pattern!