Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Time Sewing

A couple of weeks ago, I was gifted some a lot of gingham. Maybe a ton and a half!
This is just a small sampling.
With a sewing retreat in my near future, I knew just how to put it to good use - share the love!
I cut a bunch of 10 inch squares from all of the colors - not worrying about matching up the design exactly - and wrapped them up into cute little 24 count bundles. They were well received, even if everyone seemed a little puzzled as to what to do with them.  Marion has already put her's to good use and stopped by to pick up a little more for binding.

I took the leftover blocks that I had and cut a few more to make a 6x6 picnic blanket.
The backing was also a polyester blend that came along with the gifted fabric.
 With all of the polyester, why not stick with it and go with a poly batting?
I spent about 10 episodes of Doctor Who loosely hand quilting the edges and centers of the blocks.

It's perfect for dragging around the park this summer!
Who knew that all of this old gingham sitting around in someone's stash since the 70's would be so much fun! I'm thinking about making a belt with a D ring and attaching it to the end of the quilt - wouldn't it be great to wrap it up sleeping bag style for an easy grab and go?


  1. I love your blankly! That gingham is awesome! My two quilts are in the mail :)
    I love the belt idea. It will be super slick :)

  2. Great idea!! Gingham makes me nostalgic :)

  3. I love your blanket!! Now i better get busy on mine!!!!

  4. Oh my gosh am I totally jealous. I've been wanting to buy some gingham lately to make some cute little outfits for my granddaughters. LOL

    I'm not sure I would want to be gifted a ton of it though. I'm sure you will find a lot of open hands at sewing retreat. That will be lots of fun.

    The blanket you made is super cute. I love how that solid blue goes so well with that. And the border is awesome looking. Just beautiful.

  5. Hopefully you will see this but there seems to be a problem with your email notifications to you. Each time I post I get a Delivery Status Notification (Failure)that states you don't have a yahoo email address but it's the one in your profile so I wasn't able to send this to your email.

    It appears you aren't going to get notifications when anyone posts to your blog or is yahoo going nuts as usual?

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Vicki - thanks, I've fixed it:)

  7. What a great use for the gingham! And I love the loose quilting!