Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Is In the Air

The skies have been a little gray around here lately, but there are still signs of spring all around.  We've had bunnies in our yard and these chubby little robins keep showing up hunting for worms. Alley is going nuts. She is a bird dog after all.  The other day one of our neighbor's chickens got into the back yard when Diego was taking Alley out. Before he realized that the chicken was in the yard, Alley had it by the neck and was bringing it to him.  He was so freaked out (he loves animals) and kept telling her to put it down.  She finally dropped it and the chicken took off running across the yard!  He didn't think to grab Alley because he figured the chicken was dead.  As the chicken was making a break for a hole in the fence, Alley took off after it and brought it back to him again! This time when she dropped it, he had her by the collar and the chicken made it safely home.  Alley was left with a mouth full of feathers.  We haven't seen any chickens in our yard since.
To brighten things up indoors, I've been sewing up the May and June blocks for the Hello Sun BOM - I'm just dying to show you!  All of the patterns have been drawn up for some time now, but not sewn together.  I've been trying to stay a couple months ahead of you to get the samples done.  It has been so much fun choosing fabrics and watching them change from black and white sketches to real quilt blocks.

Since I can't share those just yet, I'll share another quilt runner that I've finished.
The buttons were so cute last time, I just had to use them again.  To change things up a little, I used a white fabric with little yellow dots as the background fabric.  The green pieces and orange binding were scraps from other project.
One day, we'll get to mending and painting that fence.  Maybe even replacing it all together.  It seems to be going from shabby chic to just plain shabby.


  1. Maybe we need a dog...maybe that would keep the chickens out of my yard...the cat just isn't cutting it. I love the buttons! The whole thing is beautiful.

  2. I too thought the chicken was dead..."fetch" takes on a whole new meaning for me now!

    Every time I see one of these runners I want to make one...very lovely indeed!!!

  3. Love the chicken story, the runner is awesome!