Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two fer

Two sewing days this week and it's only Wednesday - now that is a good week!  Monday's sewing day started off as a birthday lunch for Sue.  Of course when you get more than one quilt maker together, it turns into a day of fabric and sewing.  We ate at a lovely little bistro that Emily blogged about here.  (Don't you love it when someone else does the footwork/blogging for you :)

On Saturday I had to come up with a quick birthday gift and remembered my Cathedral Window Tutorial. It was fresh in my mind because Sue just taught the class at our local quilt guild. So a trip to my local quilt shop was in order, naturally.
A few days earlier she mentioned that she wanted to make a quilt that was just blue and white.  After trying various blues together, I just wasn't feeling it.  Then it occurred to me that rather than try to coordinate a bunch of blues, why not try just one fabric.
 This table runner was made with 12 blocks - 2x6. It took just under a yard of the background fabric and about 1/4 of the blue fabric. I added the buttons for a little sparkle, and it didn't hurt that it covered up some of those not so perfect edges.  It finished up by the end of the day.
Yesterday, at the second sewing day, I was finishing up another one.  This just might be the gift of the year for me. A couple of friends have already given me a color preference :) While at this sewing day, I met this fun lady. I loved her right away, and it wasn't just because she just happened to be participating in the Hello Sun Quilt Along.  She was sweet and bubbly and talk about inspiring...she has only been quilting since January and has already sewn something like 12 quilts. In fact, she finished this one by the end of the day!  She also quilts them all herself.


  1. April! It was so great to meet you too :) What a fun day :) I agree, all day sewing is the best ever!
    Your table runner is SO beautiful! That blue fabric is one of my very favorites! The next time we get together, I am going to have to pay attention more to what you are doing and learn something new :)
    xo- Marion

  2. Love it! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! As soon as my crazy takes it down a notch, I hope I remember that I want to make one!