Monday, February 27, 2012

The chair dominated the small room.

I'm playing along with Jenny's Saturday Centus.  Melody passed the link along to me and I had no intention of playing along, but that first sentence kept swimming through my mind and I had no choice. I thought it was supposed to be 100+ words starting with "The chair dominated the small room." I didn't realize that it was 100 words plus the first six words.  I ended up at about 180 - oh well:)

So, here are my 100+ words:

The chair dominated the small room.  Vera was barely visible, slightly slouched over the quilt that she was hand stitching.  It wasn’t that long ago that she came to visit her grandma sitting in a similar position, in a similar chair, in this very room.  She sighed deeply.

Ted was gone, had been for several years.  The kids were all grown and married, heck even the grandkids were grown and married.  They would call on holidays and come for a visit when they passed through town, which seemed less and less often.  She couldn’t blame them, but oh how she longed for their company. Pictures lined the TV console. All those cute faces smiling out at her.  She was sure she could remember their names if she had enough time. Time, that was a funny thing.  It had slipped away so quickly. Yet now, the days, the hours, the minutes alone in this house, in this room, in this chair dragged on.

“Vera,” came the call from the other room.  She sat up a little straighter. 


  1. I really, really want to know "the rest of the story"!

    Thanks for "playing" with me :)

  2. Who's there? Or does she hid behing her chair? Or sneak out the door?
    I would scream!!!

    This is my first time to try Saturday Centus. I am liking it.

  3. That voice--is it a ghost from Vera's past? Great take on the prompt!!

  4. This one resonates with me. I can just imagine her looking at all those photos and hoping to come up with names for her loved ones when they visit, even though it is too infrequently.

    Getting older is not for sissies, that's for sure.


  5. Aw, sweet and bittersweet, with a lovely little ending.

  6. ooh..I love a good hook...maybe it was Ted coming for her...

  7. Talk about time-travel!
    Great little story.
    Best wishes,
    Marias's New Chair" for SCwk 95


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  8. April! This was beautiful.

    I love the simple sentence structure that speaks so clearly of her pain.

    I love how you let us wonder about the voice.

    I love how you captured that isolation that occurs sometimes when families grow up and grow away.

    Just lovely writing.

    Thank you for sharing it.