Monday, January 23, 2012


Today I am
Wondering where the time went - Josh's is 16 today!  I really can't believe that he's that old.  He's been driving me around town the last couple of months with his driver's permit.  My husband says he's driving Miss Daisy :)

Reflecting on another important birthday - Sara turned 12 last week!  I'm not sure what's happening here - one minute they are cute, cuddly babies and the next minute they are these amazing young men and women with fun personalities. 

Still Laughing about making "kale" chips last week, only to find out that I made collard green chips instead.  No wonder they were so bitter.  I did pick up kale at the market and plan on trying again. 

Enjoying my new eating habits and the almost 10 pounds that I've lost.  Even more than the weight, is the over all feeling of wellness.

Looking forward to the lemon cake tonight, regardless of said diet.

Excited yet nervous about my ablation next week.

Surprised by this post.  I really did think I was famous for about half a second when the waitress handed me "my" magazine and asked me to sign it.

Thankful for my family and the great friends in my life that encourage me, lift me up and laugh with me. In fact, I named a pad after a friend because it reminded me of her (and that was before I was surprised by her post). hmmm...naming pads after friends, that could be fun.

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