Friday, January 6, 2012

The Good News and the Bad News

2011 sort of fizzled out for me.  For the past two months, I had been experiencing some health problems and over all laziness from those problems.  I thought some of it was in my mind, or at least stress related, since I was about to turn 40 and have a teenage pregnancy in my family.  I finally ended up at the doctor's office.  

After feeling good for two days in a row - the first two days in 60- I received a call back with the results to my lab work from the doctor. That sort of alarmed me because I thought a nurse would make the call. The good news - I probably won't need a hysterectomy afterall.  The bad news - I'm at a high risk for a heart attack.  Apparently, there is this thing called cholesterol. Who new?  I was so excited about not having a hysterectomy, that I was OK with the bad news.  Cholesterol is something that I can change.  

I started on medicine and a new diet right away.  The next morning I was sick all day - ugh!  Thankfully that was short lived and I'm now in the process of being kind to my heart and eating only those things that are good for it.  The good news - I'll be healthier and lose weight.  The bad news - I'm starving :)

I am so grateful for those trying two months that got me to the doctor in the first place.  Had I not gone, I would never have had the blood tests, and who knows what would have happened.  I feel like I have a new lease on life and am going forward into the New Year excited for everything, even the crazy things, that are in store for this year. It just goes to show that sometimes what we think is a curse truly is a blessing.

Now to go change all of those goals for 2012 with new perspective.


  1. So glad to hear your good new. Good luck on dealing with the bad news. You have found the sunshine in the cloud once again. I like your attitude.

  2. April, nothing is harder than facing your health head on! Good for you to see the silver lining. Hope 2012 brings you much happiness and increased health.

  3. So glad you found out what is wrong and are now working on it. perspective can make all the different in being happy or unhappy about something. So glad you have a good perspective on things.I do feel for you as you said you are starving. We try to eat healthy too, I like to think of my salads (without dressing) as desserts. Last night (you know that late night snacking time?)I used romaine lettuce, oranges and strawberries sprinkled with a few almond slivers. Good Luck sweetie! I'm cheering you on!!