Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Call of Duty

Sometimes quilting leads us in a different direction that we ever imagined - you know what I mean? While coming up with a gift for my husband's cousin Anna, I wanted to create something unique.

The process: I did an internet search for Call of Duty MW3

The inspiration

Don't you just love the over all black and white TV feeling of the whole thing.

After printing the image out on my printer, I took it over to the local copy center and had the image blown up to the size I wanted. This is really easy and only cost 17 cents.
With a light box, I traced the figure of the man onto a fusible web, ironed it onto black fabric, then cut out the silhouette.
I found a grey static looking fabric, and used the back of the fabric as my background and the front of the fabric as the buildings.
Once all of the pieces were ironed in place, I sewed over the edges and added a little detail to the raw edge applique.
During the quilting process, I added the MW3 on his chest and more details to the smokey background.
I sent it off in the mail and now I'm just waiting on pins and needles to see what she if she likes it.


  1. That is Talent!!! Very nice job!

  2. I showed this to my son AND NOW HE WANTS ME TO MAKE HIM ONE!!!!! I'm not that good!! How much would you charge me to do one of these??

  3. I found you through Konda's star quilt-along. I am really enjoying it a lot. Have not had time to do your block, that should happen this weekend.

    This quilt is awesome. I just showed this to a couple of my young male friends who were playing MW3. Their comment was "That's pretty bada***!" This design captures the heart of a very non-traditional group.

    Great job.


  4. That. Is. AWESOME!!! Seriously, how much would you charge for something like this? My son adores Halo and I'm wondering if he'd like a quilt like this. He's grown out of the helicopters decor that is in his room right now. Hmm...

    Oh, and I'm going to put this up on Pinterest ;)