Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thrifting Finds and a Before and After

In a fun twist of fate, I found myself at the thrift store twice in the past week. Thrift store therapy - worth every penny. There's just something about walking into a store and thinking, "I could totally afford to buy anything in here." Not to mention the whole treasure hunt feeling.

On the first trip I found this adorable haunted house for $3. Adorable? With that bright yellow and orange? It was a definitely a fixer upper :).

A can of spray paint primer takes care of the ugly. Just spray right over the old paint then paint as you wish. I was going for a black and white, old movie type of feel so I only added a little paint and dry brushing.

On the second thrift store trip, I was looking for figurines that would look cute dead - you know a Christmas caroler sprayed white. I was too focused on the dead thing when I found - actually Melody found - these trick or treaters. $2.
And what better to go in the graveyard section of my little Halloween scene than these vintage, creepy looking cats. Another score at $1.50 for the set. They were originally marked $1.50 each but they were so ugly that the lady marked them down for me.
A total of $6.50 spent on Halloween decorations this year. Never underestimate the power of Thrift store therapy :)


  1. Glad that I could help :) And I *love* your thrift store finds! (& Thanks for the invite! :)

  2. SO JEALOUS of your finds for sure!!! I love the trick-or-treaters. What a great find. I agree the cats deserved a discount...and the house...YOU ROCK and I so need to get me one of these!

  3. Just for the record, who paints a haunted house yellow? As for the cats she should've paid you to take them because they truly are hideous!

  4. I'm so impressed! You are as good with paint as you are with fabric, but I knew that already, and I'm still impressed.