Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Don't look her directly in the eyes or you may end up being one of the victims hanging from her necklace!
At Sara's school, rather than have a Halloween Party, they have a history fair. Each grade is assigned the era that they are studying in history that year. Boring. Sorry, but come on Halloween is all about fun and scary - not over the top gore, but fun scary. Last year when she was a civil war girl, I wanted her to be a dead civil war girl - the teacher wouldn't go for it.

This year, Sara's class was assigned Greek History. Medussa was the obvious answer :) What girl wouldn't want a head full of snakes! A few crochet snake hair extensions, some spray painted Army men and her thick teased hair did the trick. The snakes had button eyes and thread tongues. The best part - she loved it. She was dressed in normal clothes so she wasn't nervous or uncomfortable.

Happy Halloween!


  1. wow what kid wants a boring history fair for Halloween sheesh but i agree at least Medusa was fun for her and looks great on her ! Happy Halloween to you and yours! Hugs lilraggedyangie

  2. She makes a great Medusa! You're so clever!

  3. What a GREAT Medusa....almost too great, ha ha!! LOVE the snakes & army men, you are just tooooo CREATIVE!!