Thursday, October 27, 2011


Done and quilted. Well, almost done, I still have to add the binding, but duty calls - you know the little things like house cleaning, sewing pads, laundry and dinner :) The blocks are all from a BOM that we did at church and the center was something that I drew up. I think the pumpkins were from a bareroots pattern. The grass on the hill was just a little crazy piecing that I then used as a large applique piece.
I had a few problems with the quilting. It may have been that I used a remnant of batting that was somewhat stretched and torn, and floated it rather than putting it on roller. Oh well lesson learned, and I don't think anyone will notice.
I went with a little bit darker of a thread too. It blended in with the blocks, but stood out a little more on the center. I was going for a blustery day. The best thing about this quilt is it was made entirely from scrapes. I didn't buy a single piece of fabric for it, not even the back :)


  1. I REALLY, REALLY love this! Awesome!

  2. Isn't it funny where life has taken us since high school?? NEVER would've pictured you making quilts & pads in Utah, but boy are you BLESSED to be doing it!! I keep telling the hubs, one visit & I might not come home :) LOVE seeing your work as you seize to AMAZE me!!

  3. Oh! I LOVE it!!! I think I will add another sentence, so I can add more exclaimation points!!!