Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours

And it's been pouring blessings at our house. The shop has been crazy busy this month and I've gotten a couple of quilts to quilt for The Porch on Main. The trick is going in to that adorable shop to deliver a quilt and coming out without spending everything I've earned on their cute jewelry.
The kids have been sleeping in, the house is a mess, the lawn needs mowing - spring break is in full bloom!
The quilt along just wrapped up and I'm only on block #9. I'll leave you with an amazing quote from an interview that I read this morning.
" From the finger paints and play dough, to the mashed potato snowmen and paper boats, we all start off as curious beings, makers and learners. The challenge, though, is having the courage
and determination to sail into the "real world" in your paper boat amidst a swirling sea of cargo ships from China." - pollenArts


  1. Love the Hoopla blocks. Very creative!

  2. Cute stuff! Love the quote!

    Don't worry about the housework; your family will save it for you 'til later. ;)

  3. The blocks look great. The last couple come together really fast, especially block 12 :)