Friday, April 29, 2011

Fame is Fleeting and Other Observations

While driving the kids to and from school, we take a back road that passes a few farms on the way. It helps me feel like I'm living rural. It is really nice, calming and quite educational. We see the changes of the seasons with blankets of white in the winter, green in the spring and gold at other times.
We watch hawks perched on poles scouting out their next meal. Yesterday a hawk was flying with some type of rope hanging from it. As we got closer that rope became a gardener snake. The past few weeks baby calves have turned into toddler and adolescent cows, and a few more babies have come along. Horses and dogs play, frogs can be heard in a flooded corner of a field and you can even learn about the birds and the bees - ahhem.
There are life lessons to be learned as well. This morning the lesson of the day was Fame is Fleeting. One minute your face is plastered on a billboard, the next minute that billboard is the side of someone's chicken coop. (Insert Tevye impression here) On the other hand that billboard will probably be on the side of that chicken coop for the next 100 years. Maybe fame isn't so fleeting after all. Or maybe it's not what you are famous for but what purpose you serve :)


  1. Sounds DIVINE!! I bet you don't have smog either...ha ha Enjoy God's country :) Wish I could be enjoying it with you!!

  2. Ahhem, did i mention that you are a very good story teller and I sat and read with rapt attention and laughed out loud a couple of times. Boy I miss you, but over here it feel like another part of God's country and the mountain vistas are breathtaking! Hope the rain stops soon...