Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Things have been a little crazy around here lately. I feel like one of those characters in a time travel movie that shows up and asks what the date is. February? Really? I have officially been sick for four weeks. Other than having babies, I can't remember being down for this long.
In the beginning it was just a little chest cold and some sinus pressure, and I was a really good sport. Then somewhere along the line it turned into this bronchial, beginnings of pneumonia plus a sinus infection sort of thing.
When I look back, I really don't know how we've made it through the past month. The kids have pitched in the best they can trying to get along, bake cookies on their own, and even doing the dishes - including the hand washing and pots and pans without being asked.
Me? I've just been trying to put out one fire at a time. A load of laundry here (mostly pajama bottoms, t-shirts and school uniforms) a crock pot dinner there. I've lived on this soup for days at a time - you have to add a can of spicy v-8 juice to it. All this time sewing pads and stippling a few small quilts for a local shop. Sara and I did manage to get some Valentine cards made for her class and I did make a lemon cake for the kids and Diego to celebrate the day. They didn't even mind that the red icing turned orange when it soaked into the yellow cake.
Today, I woke up and told my husband, "I think the little man is gone." He thought I was delirious and asked, "What little man? " To which I replied, "The little man that has been sitting on my chest." I guess that second round of antibiotics and the steroids are starting to kick in. I was actually able to read a few blogs this morning and add a post here. Maybe I can get to sweeping that dusty floor and throwing in another load of laundry.

photos staged and taken by Sara


  1. April...I feel your pain...I lost all of January and the first week and a half of Feb. with the same CRUD. I bruised my ribs from coughing so much and so hard...I'm finally on the mend and my ribs feel sore, not painful. Hope you have a quick recovery and hopefully we are immune to having this again. YUCK

  2. Melanie, that's awful! How did you manage with all of your little ones?

  3. I want a collection of smurfs to play with when I'm sick... They along with the commentary had me rolling...do get better and FAST!!!

  4. Loved the smurfs, but sorry to hear you've been so sick:( Hope the little man does not return to your house and good luck with the Laundry!

  5. Sorry you have been sick. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Love your smurfs. You have collected for a long time. Where did you get them all? you have some Awesome ones in your collection.

    so sorry you have the crud..

  7. This is actually my childhood smurf collection. I was big time into smurfs and would get them as gifts or buy them when I got my allowance. I even had smurf sheets:)