Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow Day & My Birthday Present

Just as I'm about to say for the third of fourth time, "why are you guys so hyper today?" I remember what it is like outside...
Snowed in. Well, not really snowed in, but anyone in their right mind with a fridge half full of food wouldn't attempt to go anywhere today. School was cancelled, which didn't do much for my kids since their charter school is already on Christmas break, and my husband couldn't get to work. The snow plow finally came by at about 9:00 am, filling in our freshly shoveled driveway as it cleared the streets. We pitched in and shoveled again, and he was off to work. It looks like another day of legos, video games and hot chocolate for the rest of us.

My birthday was on the 17th - I'm still on the right side of 40 for one more year :) Diego and the kids gave me the most awesome gift...
My blog in book form. Not only was I amazed at the awesomeness of the gift, but I was amazed at how many pages there were. Have I really written that much?
It's a journal of the past three years without realizing that I was writing a journal. Pictures, events, the kids growing. It is amazing. I do have to admit that now I'm a little self conscious knowing that whatever I write is now going down in book form.


  1. VERY cool! Where'd he get the idea for it? Hope you enjoy your snow days....we're enjoying LOTS of rain here!

  2. What a sweet gift idea. Happy Belated Birthday!

  3. What a lovely gift, and what a great idea, do you know where he got it done?