Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spiders, Sweaters and Blessings

I know, spider season is over and it's time for turkeys and giving thanks. In fact giving thanks is just what I'm doing. For the past couple of years, our church has had a yard sale swap. Everyone takes all of their unwanted items and donates them the night or morning before the swap. Then on the day of the swap you go in and on your honor take about as much as you donated.
That's where I picked up this little guy. When I got him, he didn't have a head. Just legs and hind quarters - I should have taken a before picture. I made a yarn fuzz ball and added a couple of googlie eyes that we had laying around. Isn't he cute? I just couldn't tuck him away with the Halloween decorations without snapping a few pictures first.
It really is a great event that I look forward too. I never get around to having my own yard sale, and what's better than a free one? Especially people with little kids, they come and swap out outgrown clothes for clothes that fit. One person's trash truly is another person's treasure.

We actually got there the morning after the swap. Last year it had been on Saturday morning and this year they moved it to Friday night and I didn't realize it. I do things like that, a lot actually. At least we weren't alone, there was another lady who had done the same thing. So we had the place to ourselves. It is so amazing to see how generous people are - giving so much and taking just what they need. It is a shame that it only comes once a year. All of the left over items were given to a local thrift store.

Other than a couple of books, here is the rest of my loot. "Ugly" sweaters destined to be re-purposed into some fun Christmas decorations/gifts. Since we were late comers, and these were the picked over sweaters, I don't feel bad about cutting into any of them.
I am so grateful for this event. It is awesome to see a community come together and support each other.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family and friends (and maybe a little sewing) :)

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