Friday, November 5, 2010

Block #1

Yeah, my computer is back and I was able to upload some pictures. So this is the Layer Cake that I'm going to be using. It's rolled up rather than being a flat layer cake - not sure why- but it is still 40 pieces of yummy 10" blocks. The brown fabric is the accent fabric that I'm thinking of using. I'm not positive yet, but I'll know better once the blocks start coming together. It's also just a cheapie Joann's fabric so I'm a little worried about the quality of it mixed with the other moda prints. We'll see...

And drum roll please....
The first block! Isn't beautiful? I think I can say that since all I did was help the beautiful fabric join together in Gene's crisp design. He did have the option to add an appliqu├ęd circle to the center block, but since I wanted to feature the large print, I opted to leave it off. Now to wait for the next pattern to be posted...

This really is my first experience with a layer cake and I have to say that I'm really enjoying it. The $30 or so price tag has always put me off. It's really easy to spend $5 four different times on fabric, but $30 all at once for a 10x10 stack of fabric an inch high has always seemed a little steep. Now I'm really enjoying the 40 different yet coordinating fabrics. There also seems to be less waste. While I enjoy scraps, I would rather have more coordinates. You know?


  1. Pretty!
    I am also a first time layer caker for the same reason, but it was so fun to pull apart and see what there was and how much more I can do with it than with a charm pack.(Which I also buy for lots of different fabrics that all coordinate.)
    And my layer cake was also rolled up so it's maybe more like a swiss cake roll than a layer cake.