Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Popping in to Say Hello...

I've been busily sewing away lately. Some for work, some for fun and some for gifts. This little girl is headed off to Fall Market to keep a friend company. Simple and fun to make. If I had a gaggle of nieces I'd be whipping up a ton of them. Heck, if I had even one niece (or nephew for that matter) I'd make up a few and send them off. The pattern is McCall's 5826

The other gifts are surprises, so I'll show but not tell :)
Now to get my Christmas on....I can't get motivated. Have you started? Ideas?

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  1. Hey fellow Utah small town girl! (I grew up in small town Utah)I found your blog via Moose on the Porch's flikr group and I am loving your stuff. LOVING!!! IT!!! Keep on crafting!