Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween-ish Costumes

This week I've been playing around with yarn, and came up with a few Halloween-ish costumes. Josh wasn't sure what he wanted to be for Halloween, or if he even wanted to dress up at all this year. I saw this fake beard pattern along with a ton of images on the web and thought a beard was the way to go. He sat across from me doing his homework while I kept adding yarn. He was skeptical and I kept saying, "Trust in the beard." He really liked it.

Then as long as I was playing around with yarn and teenage boy Halloween costumes that aren't really costumes, I came up with Jake from Adventure Time. Inspired by this picture.
Then I needed a costume for the History Fair at school that just happens to be tomorrow. I made the dress and the apron, but found the hat at a local thrift store. Her real costume for Halloween involves tattoo sleeves and a lot of hairspray.
I call this one Pioneer Gothic

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