Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quick Get Away

We were in desperate need of a get away. So we headed up the canyon for a weekend camping trip with some friends. Diego found a great site with a stream running along it and best of all - it was free. We did have to bring in our own water and use Steve and Melody's 5 gallon bucket with a toilet lid for immediate bathroom needs, but there was a camp site with flush toilets just a half mile up the road for the serious bathroom trips:)
We packed enough for 3 weeks worth of camping, and didn't use half of it. (The baby gear isn't ours, but we did get to play with the baby and he sure was a cutie). The whole family had a great time despite the preliminary complaints from the oldest teenager - and the frazzled mom.
Melody made a great dutch oven apple cobbler.
Diego made this...
And I did a whole lot of this
Just what I needed.


  1. Camping with toes painted and all!!! Glad is was so relaxing for you. You deserve every relaxing moment you can find!