Thursday, September 9, 2010

Changing Seasons and a Shameless Plug

Do you feel the change happening? The nights here have been getting cooler and today is our first cloudy, cool day in awhile. I love it when the seasons change - the season between seasons.

Speaking of it time to start making Christmas gifts yet? It would be a great time to start on your Fairy Tale Quiet Book for all of the little ones in your life :)

PDF versions available at my etsy shop -  Happy Sewing :)

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  1. :)I, on the other hand, am resisting the change. Do you think that Mother Earth will hear my pleas of just a little bit more summertime? Probably not.

    Hey, I saw this tonight and thought of you:

    And since you are a friend w/kids you will understand that baby Aiden wanted to say "hi" and up til now I have held him off, but here is what he has to say: