Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brownies for Breakfast

and why not? I'm home alone for the first time in weeks, D has an interview (insert prayers here), I have a ton of work to do and we just finished the Wonder Woman ride this weekend. That's call for celebration - and brownies. The ride was awesome and we rode the 30 miles in 2.5 hours, which is by far my best time yet. Konda was very sweet and hung back with me, and my husband and son rode along for support. I finished in the middle of the pack, which exceeded my goal of not finishing last.

Truth be told, the brownies aren't that great - the recipe is wonderful and one that I've always loved, it's just that after trying to eat better for the past few months, they are way too sweet. Yes, that's me saying brownies are too sweet. I've been saying a lot of things that are out of character lately..."No thank you" to a piece of chocolate cake. "Let's not go that way, or we'll miss the killer hills".
This is my Aunt Joann and my Uncle Ray. The look on their faces is the same look on my face after seeing the pictures of me at the ride in spandex. I thought I would spare you all and share their picture instead - you're welcome.


  1. OK you want a great brownie ... hop over to
    now don't get scared when you read the ingredients. I think you'd like them, really.

  2. LOL! I'm sure you look fine! That picture along with your quip was so funny though. :)

    Good job on your ride! And I still avoid killer hills and eat the brownies... :)

  3. I, like Melody, was laughing out loud!! You are too funny. we'll keep praying!