Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where I prove my husband wrong

It has officially been 3 months that I have been on my bike (and walking) every other day. And I have gained 3 pounds. The scale is supposed to be going down. Some people say that I'm gaining muscle and loosing fat, but that just sounds like an excuse that I used to use. Either way, I can tell the difference in my clothes and I'm feeling a lot healthier.
Some cyclist can be a little snobby...sorry but it's true. You have to have just the right equipment and know all of the lingo. So when I mentioned doing a little sewing for my bike, my husband and my son were having a cow. Even though my hubby is a bend the rules kind of guy, he was insisting that we could spare the $25 to spend on a bag made by some name brand manufacturer.
The teasing went back and forth for a few weeks until he realized that I was serious. Then the begging can't go around with a homemade might as well put the bell and reflectors back on your bike...hey, let's get mom some streamers for her handle bars....
I used his bag to trace out a pattern on tissue paper, grabbed some vinyl covered fabric that was waiting for just the right project and set to work. I took it apart once to add the pipping and had to fuss a little to get the zipper just right.
In the end, he knew it would be great all along and wanted me to start mass producing them to sell on etsy and at bike shops all along the valley. :)


  1. I LOVE it!! We have blessedly found a ton of mountain trails & have been taking the whole family mountain biking since Spring Break. We LOVE it...well Jeff & I LOVE it, we still have to bribe the boys :) Anyway, I will definitely buy "the BETTER bike bag" from you!! GREAT idea!! KLB

  2. LOL!! Glad that he came over to your way of thinking. :)

  3. LUVit! You may have started a trend. :)

  4. Love the bag. My husband surprised me for my birthday by getting my bike fixed and tuned (hadn't ridden in 7 or 8 years) Only problem is what was keeping me off still is. Still it was a wonderful present.

    And if you are feeling changes then there are changes no matter what that scale says. I had the same problem when I got serious about exercising. I have now added checking portion sizes and not snacking every night after the kids are in bed. The scale is slowwwly going down.