Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The First Day of School

Today was the first day of school. I always have mixed emotions on the first day of school. I'm happy to see the kids off on their journey, but I miss them.
What's normally a lonely, depressing day for me ended up being a great day. I was distracted by this guy.
And this girl. We rode our bikes to Cracker Barrel which should have been about a 25 mile round trip ride. We ran into all kinds of road construction and at one point ended up at a cross roads with the three of us all pointing in different directions. We were all wrong. A little bit of back tracking, a few crazed dogs and a whole lot of whining -from me- later and we were on our way home. We saw an ostrich, cows, elk, llama, horses, mules, baby horses and mules, a few miniature horses and some goats. No one would go for my "let's ask that farmer for a ride home" idea. I ran over a crunchy grass hopper, got sunburned and plain old burnt out - I had a blast!
I needed to stop for a sandwich and rest a few minutes so we sent Konda on ahead. While we were eating, the clouds opened up and a torrential down pour started.
We waited out the rain then rode the last mile or two, up hill, in the muggy Tennessee weather. Finishing our 35 mile bike ride in enough time to take a shower and go pick up the kids. Oh, and the cycling quote of the day - "Better to be addicted to cycling than the crack pipe".

Check out this cycling video - too funny

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  1. You have chronicled our adventures well. Fun day! I like that picture of you!