Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Ol' Kit Bag

and smile, smile, smile.
Things are up and down still/again, and I'm still trying to see the up side of things. I did have a pity party the other day, but none of you were invited. Sorry, party of one ;)
Sewing up a little something fun is always a great cure-all for the blues. So I set right in on this little guy. My daughter snatched him up. She has cleaned out most of the dolls in her room and there is just one shelf left. It was nice to see that she kept all of the mommy made dolls.
So there it is my happy thought for the day and a little smile for you. The shop is packed full of pads and there is a new set -different color way- of flower hair pins available.

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  1. I FORGOT TO GIVE YOU THE BATTING!!! So sorry- I guess all that chatting got my side-tracked. I'll keep it for you. :o)