Saturday, May 1, 2010

Out of the Loop

I've been so out of the loop. I would apologize for not blogging, but that's what blogging is all about right - not obligation :)It all started when we decided to switch my daughter over to a charter school. We were going to do this next year, but once I checked into it further and found that they had openings, we went ahead and made the change. She was excited about the change and loves the new school, but there has been an adjustment period. The work is more challenging, which is perfect for her, but not the norm. She was used to getting all of her work done in a few minutes along with some of the other kids, then reading,drawing or goofing around until the rest of the class finished. Now she's working on things at her own speed and is coming home tired. It's sort of like that first week of school after summer.

Then there is the whole teenager missing assignments at the end of the term thing going on, plus it's bike season. On top of everything, we've had a scare with dear sweet Tomaso. For some reason we bought different food for him which ended up throwing him for a loop. After being sick and not keeping anything down for nearly a week, we finally ended up at the vet. Tests were done. Money was spent. Silent prayers were whispered. Then we did the waiting game. Food allergy? Diabetes? Liver Disease? The results came back and they were able to rule out diabetes but not the liver disease.

They advised hospitalization for 2-4 days which would run about $200-$400. I love him to death - but he's a cat. $200-$400 on top of the $120 that we had already spent? Plus hospitalization would not cure a liver disease. We opted for meds at home.
It's amazing how much your pets become a part of your family and pulls on your heart strings. Each time he had another bought of vomiting, we wondered if he would live or die. Each member of our family made our peace with it and we've each spent extra time visiting with him. It was a tough week. He is about 80% better and our hopes are up.
Life is precious - even if it is just a cat :)


  1. It really is amazing how much pets are a part of our families. When our cat, Dune, got sick and finally died, I was heartbroken and had trouble sleeping for days.

    I hope Tomaso gets better!

  2. Hi, our pets have a special place in our hearts...when they are sick we wish they could talk and tell us what is wrong...sometimes it takes us a while to work it out...have cleaned up many little presents left after a tummy upset when I have changed food..pays not to...but still love them to bits anyway...hope that Tomosa is feeling better...he looks a very handsome "moggy"...hugs LindaB in Australia