Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing

Last week was spring break for us, and boy did we take a break. We slept in, hung out, sloughed on the house keeping and chores and basically didn't do much of anything - which, as you know, is sometimes the best thing to do - especially during a rainy spring break.With all of that hanging around not doing anything, I did manage to read a book (snuggled next to a child reading her book), discovered my love for asparagus (who knew), hung out with a bunch of teenagers, looked at baby pictures, had my stitches removed (both of them) and made a decision to move my daughter to a charter school for next year, oh and paid off our last debt. So I guess I did get a little done.

At first I couldn't come up with pictures for this post, but I think these sum up our week perfectly. Cozy, fun and completely random. Can you believe this cute little baby boy is now 14? That's back when we could call him Joshie :)And speaking of random - what about this curly headed 15 year old - what's up with that hair? From a family of thin, straight haired people comes these beautiful spirals. Where are my thick curly locks? The gene pool is a funny thing.

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