Thursday, December 3, 2009

No picture today

Just the addition of one of those cheesy counter thingys. Our 17th wedding anniversary is coming up and what can I say, I like cheese. We've actually been together for 21 years - high school sweet hearts and all- but I went with the official wedding date.

We had a great time doing a whole lot of nothing while our friends were here. We did manage a trip to DI and Ikea, but other than that we "hung out" like the old days and just visited with eachother. I would love to post the cute group photo, but I never thought to pick up my camera so I have to wait for the photos to come via email.

Thanksgiving was spent with our entire family on the couch sick. We all ended up sick, some with strep throat, some with colds and some with both. I'm headed to the Dr. for another visit and my second round of antibiotics. Thanksgiving dinner was a crock pot roast and a frozen pie courtesy of my loving husband :). Hopefully we got "the sick" over with early this cold season and can enjoy a healthy Christmas.

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  1. Well, I guess being sick on Thanksgiving does get you out of the cooking.....
    Glad you're over it!