Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thrift Store Find of the Century

There is a new feature in the sewing room Room of Requirement. I just love how that room works. You have a need and it the room obliges. After a nice long browse through DI, our local thrift store the size of any department store, I came across this treasure. It seriously took my breath away. It's a Koala Quilter's dream sewing cabinet. Beautiful. Not a scratch on it. Factory stickers still on it. $35. I know! The sewing machine is on a lift that can drop down into the cabinet and the table top can fold over to close, but I'm leaving it open - forever. It is so beautiful.

Room to sew, room to cut, room for my serger - which by the way is sporting a new cover. Organization still needs to happen. Things have been pulled out and put back in various places - you know how it is. I'm saving that job for a nice, dark, snowy day in the winter. Light some candles for natural lighting, put on some music and pull out all of the cheerful fabrics.

Completely unrelated, other than the fact that it took place in the sewing room Room of Requirement - Yesterday, Josh needed a book cover for one of his school books. In true Josh fashion, he went onto youtube and found a tutorial - you can learn how to do anything on youtube. He asked for some fabric and went to work

About five minutes later, he was done. This kid amazes me.
Oh, by the way, check out that little screen behind Josh. Got it at DI for $10. The idea was that I could watch VHS movies while I sew during the day when the kids are at school. You know, chase away the loneliness and watch a few movies that everyone else would give me grief over like Jane Eyre or Sarah Plain and Tall. I'm still feeling it out. We only have one TV in our house - on purpose- and it's not on during the day at all. I think it will work out as long as I trade off with audio books, music and quiet. It has also proven to be a little more difficult to sew and watch a movie at the same time. Another perk is that Sara can watch some of the old VHS kids movies that have been packed away.


  1. That cabinet is quite a find. Lucky you. I hope you have many a happy hours creating on it.

  2. Are you kidding, you live in Utah?!
    I have been reading your blog forever and the first clue to me was the DI. I need to go more often, and happy sewing!

  3. So not fair. I can not believe that you found a sewing cabinet for $35. Wow. I am sooooo jealous!

  4. You must be proud. What a cool kid!

  5. Wow I paid $1600 for my Quilter's dream cabinet!

  6. WOOHOO $1600 - I had no idea!

    Yes, I do live in Utah, but I do have to tell you that there was a DI in CA too :)

  7. That is an beautiful cabinet!

    And that book cover is awesome!! Way to go Josh!! (And way to go April for inspiring him! :-)

  8. Sweet deal! I am seriously stunned -- and very excited for you!