Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Annual Book Bag

Two years in a row qualifies as annual right? Last year, when Sara was going into 3rd grade, I made her a book bag. This year she's going into 4th grade, and while she is typically enthusiastic about anything homemade, she looked at me a little funny when I made known my intentions to make her a new book bag. Of course this was on the last day of summer break - the day before school started. We talked a little about her reluctance...and after assuring her that she could choose all of the fabric and that it wouldn't look home made, we went to her favorite fabric shop - the one with the little dog and the fresh baked cookies at the counter. On the way I had a good talk with myself about letting her pick out all of the fabric, not pushing in anyway.

The Amy Butler fabrics were on Sale! but she wasn't interested in them. don't push, don't push..."Are you sure you don't like these?"... oh no, I'm pushing. I lingered over them as we walked away. To my surprise, she chose purple. First a plaid - it was very bright and I was really nervous about it, then a couple of dots, and a pinkish fabric for the inside. She was very excited - I have to admit I was not.

Then I went to work. This time I used a thick/heavy pellon interfacing rather than a quilt batting, so that it would keep it's shape. She also wanted a pocket - Made by Rae's pleated pocket tutorial popped into my mind. I've been dying to try that out - by the way, the tutorial was awesome and super easy. In the end, it turned out beautifully. This girl of mine has great taste and I should never have questioned it. Very 4th grade. Not sweet and babyish and yet not trendy teenage.Now that school has been in for a week or so, I'm settling into a new rhythm. I keep busy and get things done while the crazies are at school -and work :)- so that I can focus on them when they get home. It also helps to chase away the blues. The blues have come more often recently - my body has been doing some funky things on it's own and has decided to make a few changes for itself - pushing me into a stage of life that I feel I'm too young for and that I'm definately not ready for. As I embark out on this new "adventure" I am humbled and am trying to fine tune the whole spirit conquering the flesh thing. Nevertheless, this blog is my happy place and my place to feel good about my creativity, accomplishments and growth.


  1. THat bag turned out just right for your daughter...I love it! We just lost our last chick (of six) to college. Hasn't been a rhythm started for us yet...they (the two youngest in college) both has car several trips and bills later, we're back...I hope to do some majoy cleaning and rearranging to make this house ALL MINE! It'll be awhile, but I'm so ready for this!

  2. way, way, way cute. what a neat combo. Mine love bags and purses that mom makes them, but when it comes to their school bag...they want to pick it out at the store. But my oldest would love that one. She's in 3rd grade and loves purple. And she is my daughter, so she naturally loves polkadots!

  3. This just reinforces the beauty of blogging!
    For years, well all the years my girls were in school, I bought them expensive, just like everyone elses backpacks.
    Man, If I could just go back.....

  4. Great job April! I can't believe you made that in one night! It takes me so long to get anything sewing-related done!

  5. Looks great! What pattern did you use for bag?

    (Why can't they like what is on sale though?)

  6. I love the bag! Your daughter has wonderful taste. I'm sure all the kids are asking where she got it! Great job mom!

  7. Thanks!

    The pattern was from a book called Charming Bags by Whistlepig Creek Productions.