Monday, June 15, 2009

Fund Raiser

After extensive hi-tech testing with a whole bunch of acronyms, it was determined that Josh has the proper physical make-up to become a Professional Cyclist, or "Olympian Level" as it was put. Did you know that some colleges offer scholarships for cycling?

He rides because he loves it and we think he's pretty good at it.
Hearing a professional say that you have professional potential is a good feeling.

Josh has a few races this summer with his biking club here in Utah, two are in Idaho. We've recently sent out an email to family and friends updating all of you on his accomplishments. Thank you to all of those that are willing to sponser him.

Since we can't really have a "team" fundraiser, and no one really want's to buy a $10 roll of wrapping paper anyway, we thought we would just put it out there and ask for support. With everyone contributing just what they would have spent on a roll of wrapping paper or a couple of candy bars, we can reach our goal. Thanks so much to all of you. If you haven't contributed and would like to, you can email me for our address or you can send a few dollars via paypal to my paypal account Thanks again - and thank you for the moral support as well.

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