Thursday, May 28, 2009

Take Care of the Land

and the land will take care of you. This week has been one of farming our land. After a small attempt at gardening last year - 6 tomato plants - we decided to really go for it this year. Several factors went into deciding just where to put the garden, and after considering the kids and the dog, we decided to go with the patch of land along the car and behind the car port. This is one of the before shots.

Nothing but a bunch of weeds and half dead yuck grass.

After several hours of sod removal by machine and hand, and some tilling, the earth was ready for planting. I'll have to take some more "after" pictures now that the plants are in the ground. We have 40 tomato plants, several onions, peppers, a couple of eggplants and cantaloupe and a grape vine to grow along the fence. Oh, and we planted pumpkins in our weed patch at the front of the house. I've cleared out the weeds, but they just keep coming back. There are a million little weeds and they each have their own root. We had heard that pumpkins take over, so we're letting them battle it out with the weeds.

Diego and Josh worked their tushes off. Me? I was working hard at getting that sewing machine up and going. Each day, I stole 20 minutes here, and twenty minutes there and I am happy to say that it is up and running. I did help pick out the plants and put about half a dozen in the ground myself. I've practiced on scrap fabric - it's not a big of a transition as I thought it would be from pushing quilts through my regular machine. Now, I'm itching to get a quilt done and on the frame to do some real quilting.


  1. I'm excited to see your garden!

  2. Where's the "after" pic? You were much more ambitious than we were. I let the kids each pick two plants, added some tomatoes for the hubby, a yellow squash for me and called it good.

  3. 40 tomatoe plants!! are you crazy! We had tomatoes coming out our ears for two familes with only 12 plants. Good luck and happy canning!

  4. I don't know if we're ambitious or crazy...or both :)

    I had to talk Diego down to 40 tomato plants. "Set the garden tools down and step away from the ledge" ha ha :)