Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day

May Day is here and it is bitter sweet to say good bye to the month of April. But, (you should never start a sentence with but), you know what they say...April Showers bring May Flowers.
That is the name of this new quilt. Once I saw the April Showers fabric by Alexander Henry over at Sew Mama Sew, I knew that I had to have it, and that it had to hang on my wall.

Flowers were the obvious choice for this one. I love how the colors in the Alexander Henry fabric really gives the feel of a rainy day. While matching the greens, blues and browns of the fabric would have been cute, I really wanted the flowers to brighten it up.
I consulted my boys about the quilting, and went with Josh's idea to sew raindrops into the April Showers fabric. The flower petals were super fun. It reminded me of those flowers that we would draw in elementary school. You can click on the pictures to get a better look.

Sometimes you can see it better from the back. Rather than pinning the quilt this time, I remembered the adhesive spray that was sitting unused in the sewing room. I really like the way it works. I did end up with a little fold on the back, but I'm sure that gets better with experience.
So now it's hanging just where I had imagined it would. Brightening up the little space in the entry room. Oh, and after I took saw this picture, I spent 20 minutes cleaning each little opening in that grate to the bottom left. :)


  1. I leave for a week and look what you go and do...a whole quilt!! Looks amazing in person, too!

  2. Love the quilting in the flowers. That border fabric just looks like you.