Thursday, May 7, 2009

A little bit of everything

This week has been an exciting one. First, one of my oldest and dearest friends whom I had been looking for found me on Facebook. She is so happy and it is so great to be back in touch with her - and she moved all the way to Australia! How fun is that?

Yesterday, I was thinking that it would be fun to get a VCR and watch some of our old VHS movies...Diego walked in from work, VCR in hand. I kept humming this song all day, then my son walked in singing it. I love it when that type of thing happens. When we were going through the VHS tapes, we found one of Aaron's first birthday - about 13 years ago. There on the tape was Danielle, the friend that I had just gotten in touch with. I was 3 month pregnant and about 25 pounds lighter. How depressing is that? It did give me the motivation that I've been looking for to loose a few pounds. Oh and speaking of being pregnant - Danielle is having her first baby! So of course I have a quilt half way done. They are not finding out the sex of the baby - which I love - so it has a lot of fun colors in it. No pictures yet, but I'll get there soon enough.
Speaking of quilts - see how my mind works - this crazy old lady gave me some blocks that she had put togeter. It wasn't the right fabric for the pattern - I told you she's crazy :) - so she passed it on to me. Isn't it cute? I'll get it together-the quilt- right after I finish the one for Danielle. Also speaking of quilts, HMQS is today through Saturday. I so wanted to go and help Konda and Emily out, but as often happens, I've over booked myself - and we have another old friend coming into town.


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with these blocks! I'm sure they'll turn out so cute with the April touch. it would've been fun to have you at HMQS- but turned out good anyway. With Konda running the Quilts of Valor stamp it would have been way too CROWDED! We'll get you in next year. :o)