Monday, April 6, 2009

Still Rolling

First, I just have to share...My Spring Chick and Easter Egg tutorial was featured on The Crafty Crow. How cool is that? There was an email in my in box this morning letting me know. It was such a nice feeling, especially first thing in the morning.

Last Thursday, we had our cooking day. Amber taught me how to make a pumpkin roll. We seem to be on a rolling kick...first the egg rolls and now the pumpkin roll. With this new skill, the possibilities are endless. Chocolate cake roll with chocolate filling. White cake roll with raspberry filling. Another pumpkin roll. The recipe is simple and is on the back of the Libby's pumpkin can. It's the rolling of the cake that has always thrown me off. I have a hard enough time frosting a cake without all of the little crumbs getting into the frosting. It's actually a lot easier than you would imagine. Technically, you are supposed to roll it the other direction, for a fatter slice, but we were splitting the roll, so we opted for smaller slices.

The key to rolling is to be generous when coating your kitchen towel in powdered sugar. The sugar keeps the roll from sticking to the towel. It is a bit like magic. You let the roll cool, then unroll it, spread the frosting, and re-roll it. Somehow it doesn't break and rolls right back up. Wow, I've feel like I've said rolls a lot of too many times. It's making me hungry - dinner rolls anyone?

This weekend was a lot like March. It came in like a lion...And went out like a lamb.


  1. Oh yummmmmmm a pumpkin roll would be delicious! I've never made one of those - I always thought the cake would break when I rolled it!! Maybe I'll give it a try with lots of icing sugar on my counter - after all - the more sugar the better, right? ;)

    You're lucky your snow melted - it's still snowing here! It was 12C on Sunday and all of our snow was gone. It started to snow Sunday night and still hasn't stopped - we have several inches of that yucky stuff out there ... I hope it melts soon!!

  2. I love your winter/spring pics; the vehicles are in the same spot each time too!

    Mmmmmm! The pumpkin roll looks yummy! I love the idea of a white cake with raspberry filling. Good job with your success!

  3. OK April, I think I might try this one. You're cooking blogs are just too enticing. Wish me better luck than I had with the Lemon cake. :o)LOL