Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mean While... Back at the Ranch

I've been trying to figure out how the Acai Berry Diet people got this shot of my tummy for their before picture. OK, so it's not my tummy, but it's a pretty good look a like! Don't worry, I've been hitting the treadmill and watching the sweets in an attempt to get it looking somewhat normal again. Although I'm not quite ready to go with one of those "spend the next week on the commode" diets....yet.

You've got to love the classics...
1953 Pontiac Convertible.

Sorry for the silliness, I'm just taking a quick break from sewing. I've been working on my Four Seasons Swap Quilt and a quilt that is going to go in one of Konda's books. It's pretty exciting, but those deadlines sure do loom don't they. Hopefully I'll be sharing some pictures soon.

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  1. Your tummy looks that good?? Wow! I think I may have just been inspired to hop on the treadmill:)