Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life is Good

Sorry for the brief intermission, I've found myself lost in the wonderful world of facebook. After ignoring several invitations to join facebook, I finally bit the bullet and made an account. OK, I'm nosy and just had to see those pictures of friends that you can't see unless you join. Once you become someone's friend, you can see thier friends, and thier friends and so on. Before you know it you are chatting with the kid you knew in 3rd grade that used to give you beef jerky and climb on the jungle gym with (thank's Karl).

Then after seeing all of these old friends and their families, you start reflecting on who you were then, who you wanted to be and who you are now. At the core, we're still all the same, and yet we've grown in so many ways. It gave me such a peaceful "life is good" sort of feeling. Friends from long ago, and friends from not that long ago are happy - and you didn't turn out so bad yourself. Life is good.

Today is my dad's birthday - Happy Birthday Dad! Funny story about his birthday. My dad always celebrated his birthday on January 28th, until he was 18 and his mom gave him his birth certificate. It had his birthday listed as the 27th. When he asked my grandma about it, she said the doctors were wrong, he was born after midnight not before. I sure do miss her.

Another birthday celebrated this week was Josh's 13th birthday. That's right, he is officially a teenager now. That makes two teenage boys in our home. He has gone from a great kid to a wonderful young man. He plans on being the being in the Tour de France one day and I whole heartedly beleive him.
He trains daily with his bike. I hear word like, kadence, heart monitor and sprint all the time. During the winter, his bike is set up on an indoor trainer and during the sunnier times he's out on the road with his Dad. Sometimes while Diego is riding up a hill, he'll just see Josh get smaller and smaller as he gets further and further away. Then he'll come back, check on his Dad, and go back up the hill to wait for him. This summer he'll be entering his first tour. And now that Lance is back on the scene, who knows, maybe Josh will be riding with him in a few years.

Here, he's sporting his Team Colombia Jersey signed by all of the members of their team - he and Diego won this on line during the last Tour de France. Oh, and that fence in the background...that was thanks to a few stray pitches during baseball season.


  1. i totally agree!! facebook is very addictive, its so interesting to see how old school friends have turn out ! theres nothing better than a good chat about the old days.

  2. Oh, cool! My boys are convinced that they are going to ride in the Tour together despite their age differences! hahahahaha! We watch the Tour every summer!

    Nice jersey your son and husband won!
    My 9 year old, who was 4 at the time, won a Bissell Lift-Off Bagless Sweeper for the Tour's Lucky 7 Sweepstakes. He is SO proud of that sweeper!

  3. I was a reluctant facebook-er, but now love it! I've found so many high school friends and even a few cousins I haven't heard from in years! Have fun.