Monday, January 12, 2009


It seems that all of the pictures here lately have a common thread...Sara. It's not that she is any more amazing than my amazing boys, it's just that she is a more willing participant. For some reason, unknown to me, teenage kids don't want their mom to write about them or post embarrassing pictures of them on the internet ;). Actually the goofy faced pictures are all they want to post.One thing that I truly admire about Sara is that she is so creative! As you know...I love all things arts and crafts and creative, but for the most part, I follow a pattern. Even when I was younger and loved to draw and sketch, I would have to copy a drawing or sketch. Sara on the other hand, just comes up with things on her own, thinks outside the box and isn't limited by any one type of media. Check out those snow men...they are pet rocks that she made on her own, transformed into snowmen.

I'm constantly walking in to find a picture or fabric creation on my night stand. For Christmas, she made Aaron a softie rectangle guy and she made Josh a yo-yo bag to hold his yo-yo's. She does not like coloring books, because she is not a stay within the lines type of person. From the time she was old enough to pick up a pencil, she's been creating...she'll glue things, sew, crochet, use paint, nail polish as paint...just about any thing and everything. What can I say, I'm just a happy mama.

So my January babies are turning 9 and 13 this year...rememeber when...
See what I mean...when they were little, I could put them in cute matching outfits and they would willingly smile for a picture.

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