Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It Was All A Blur

For some reason, my camera was on the wrong setting and all of my pictures came out a little blurry on Christmas morning. Plus, I forgot to take pictures of some of the gifts that I made the kids.

The monkey was made from Magoo a pattern from Melly and Me. Keeping this little guy a secret was hard to do. I would sew an arm here a leg there, tucking them away when Sara would come near. Both of the brown fabrics are corduroy, and I used my snap press to add the eyes.
I also threw together three quilts at the last minute. Two of the quilt tops were already finished and sitting in a bin of unfinished projects - procrastination pays off once in a while. The other quilt - Sara's horse quilt- went together super easy. I found that piece of horse fabric at a local thrift store, added a few borders and machine stitched around the horses. The little green and gold strips by the top are a chenille type of rick rack - also purchased at the thrift shop.

Josh's quilt in the back ground is just a simple patchwork. He wanted a Little House on the Prairie quilt. Aaron's quilt - sorry, no picture- has a lot of blues, grays, tans and blacks and was done in a yellow brick road pattern. All of the quilts were flannel, with the exception of the horse fabric, and I used the thicker polyester batting for two reasons - budget and puffiness.

Oh, the other home made gift - Diego bought a set of num chucks for each of the kids, Sara's are foam, and I made draw string pouches out of this cool, Asain, silky fabric that was on clearance.

Well, off to sew...just as Christmas comes to an end, I'm gearing up for those January birthdays.

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