Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mom's in Pick-ups...or...Missing Vegas

I am declaring myself a official member of the unofficial Mom's in Pick-ups Club. This lovely gas crisis has caused men everywhere to commandeer their wife's mini-vans in an effort to save gas/money. That has left us at home with the truck.Who's with me? I know I'm not alone here. Yesterday while walking out of the post office I saw another women trying to jump up into the drivers seat - not an easy task for when you're only 5'2", which I'm just realizing is only 3 inches taller than an official little person - me not her- but I digress. Not only do I have to jump in, but it's a stick and the seat is a bench which is near impossible to move forward in order to reach the pedals without a person on the passenger side. Oh, and the bonus feature. Apparently it attracts bees and wasps. But rest assured, my husband assures me that he's only been stung once while driving. His instructions...don't drive with the window open because they'll fly in...and don't run the air because it wastes'll probably get hot so when you pick up the kids you might just want to stand outside of the truck while you're waiting....and if you run out of gas, just click that button, I think there is gas in the other tank. What is this thing a camel?

While looking for a picture of the truck, I could only find this one which was taken in Vegas. It was so hot there, I never thought I would miss it. But can I just tell you, dear reader (Jane Eyre) I do. Just to the left where the other cars are parked was the community pool. That's where Sara and I would go every morning when the boys were in school. She would swim and play while I exercised and visited with Joanne, Kay and Arnie. Sometimes Robin or Bikini Robin - there were two Robins so we had to distinguish between the two - or another visitor would come. We had great fun and laughed the whole time. On the weekends or during track break when the kids were home, we would stay out there all day and even send someone off to get lunch. I do miss those times. I was in way better shape, tan, and surrounded by friends daily. I'm definitely solar powered and friend fed. Well, I'd better go for a walk or call someone before I get depressed!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Taste of Spring

We have a tree in our front yard that I love. Most of the time it has these purple/brown leaves on it. During the winter the branches are full of snow.
But during the spring, for just a couple of weeks time, it is covered with these beautiful pink blossoms.
That is when we love it the best. New beginnings, fresh start, spring is on it's way. Ah...Nature. It seeps so deep into our souls that we even see it reflected in the things we make.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Bath Mat

As the end of the school year approaches, I can see that while my fun family time increases, my craft time is going to suffer a little. The need to snatch what time we can and find projects that are good on the go increases. Maybe some hand stitching. Hmm....

Squeezing in a craft project when the kids are in bed is always rewarding, isn't it? I whipped this mat together the other night. It's just a quick patchwork with a towel on the other side. I love the way the colors look in the bathroom...which is the brightest room in the house right now. Oh, and I guess the cabinets fit into the craft category. When we first moved in, they were a 70's orange/brown wood. Not in the cool retro way, it the yuck need to be replaced way. Nothing a little sanding and some black paint couldn't fix. Makes me want to go sit in the bathroom and catch a few rays of sun! Spring you taunt me one day, gone the next.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Fever

Dear Miss Blog,
Please excuse April from her writing last week. She could not attend due to a Severe Case of Spring Fever. It did snow on Tuesday giving everyone a little touch of Cabin Fever - fortunately, that was just a 24 hour bug.

She did however accomplish many family activities during her absence. Our week consisted of playing, hanging out, baseball evaluations, shots for the soon to be 7th grader, and more hanging out. The 8th grader officially hit 5'3" and passed up mom. We had a wonderful outing at the pond where more hanging out, reading, tree climbing and fishing were done - even the dog had fun. We didn't catch any fish...or pictures for that matter. Camp Sesame was built and Elmo had a great time hanging out in his twig tent. There was even a Mom and Dad night drive with friends to the lake and around west mountain.

I'm sure you will excuse this absence per our original first, crafter/blogger second.
The Family

Monday, April 14, 2008

April is in Love With April

I'm up way too late, so I'm not sure how this post is going to go....The first signs of spring are finally here. Snow still frosts the tips of the mountains, but the temperature is starting to rise. We spent much of our time outside this weekend. Noticing all of the little buds, and flowers that seemed to have opened over night. They are kind of like children that way. One day they are just a little sprout, then the next time you turn around they are blooming into this incredible person...

Sunday we walked to church. There's something so romantic about going for a walk with a skirt on swaying in the light breeze. Lunch fixed up by the hubby, a little hand sewing and tossing the ball around a little at the park made for a wonderful day.
The troops are home for spring break this week, and we have absolutely nothing planned. I love those kind of days. The boys were off at a friends, so Sara and I took a little trip down town. Diego dropped us off at the fabric store, while he headed out for a meeting. We lulled the morning away shopping, walking down center street and talking about everything. My favorite part was when Sara pointed out that since I have no sisters and she has no sisters, it's like we're each other's sisters. We had an ice cream and waited in the park for Dad to come pick us up.

The afternoon was a little more hectic with orders being filled and the new snaps being photographed, dinner and the usual family craziness. Now I'm exhausted...but in a good way. Tomorrow I'll try to put a dent in that flat of strawberries that has been begging to be made into jam and canned.

Apparently staying up late has put me in a reflective romantic sort of mood. I don't seem to have mentioned the dishes that didn't get done, the teenage hormones, the chipmunk songs that wore on my nerves, how I had to listen to the same track of my audio book for 10 minutes because of interruptions, or the very late time that dinner was served.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Octopus and Seaweed Recipe

You know the question...Mom what's for dinner? Followed by an answer, any answer, then..."oh, do we have to have that?" So when the question is asked of me, I usually answer "pickled pigs feet." The way I see it, anything that we have is going to be better than pickled pigs feet - no disappointment.

Last night the kids asked again, "Mom what's for dinner?" The reply, "Octopus and Seaweed". While they were a taken back a little that it wasn't the typical pickled pigs feet answer, they weren't fooled at all.

Kids: No, really
Me: Really
Kids: Whatever

Then I served dinner...Octopus and Seaweed...really. A 13 year old girl at church gave me the idea. She said the kids always want her to babysit because she makes them Octopus and Seaweed for dinner. What a great kid's dinner recipe. All you do is cut the bottom of hot dogs - I only use Hebrew National-and drop them in a pan of boiling water. The leg curl up on their own. Then you make ramen and add a little green food coloring. OK, so it's not the most nutritious meal, but it is a fun dinner. Maybe add some sea veggies next time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It has arrived!

After waiting around all day, I finally went to lunch with my hubby and came home to find this on my doorstepWell, the box was sitting on my doorstep and after a lot of tugging, pulling and a little squealing on my part, we had the beast out of the box and put together. What is it you ask? It's my industrial snap press.
Of course I tried it out right away and I couldn't be more pleased. They go on with almost no effort and I've tugged and pulled and they don't pop off! Plus, I bought the poly resin snaps so they won't rust. And I still have the option to use the metal snaps-love options.

Don't you just love the indented pencil marks on the kitchen table? We knew going in that the table would be well used, so we went for one with that "distressed" look. It's distressed, I'm not.
In my haste to document this monumental moment, the pictures suffered a little. The table could also use a little polishing, but you get the idea. I had made this set of undyed pads for Melody and was just waiting to add those snaps. I'll give them to her tomorrow and she has no idea they are coming...unless she happens by my blog tonight. Note to Melody: If you read this, just act surprised tomorrow and I'll never know.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The fruit of my labor

This blanket has been an 8 year journey...When Sara was born, there was a lady at church that gave every newborn a receiving blanket. It was flannel on both sides and had this adorable crocheted lace edging. I loved that blanket and it was by far one of my most used blankets. I never thought about making one until a couple of years later, but I couldn't figure out how to make the holes around the blanket. I tried everything and at one point I had even given material to a friend whose mom had a machine that would do it. I later got the fabric back, because the machine wasn't working.After moving here to Utah, I've found several shops that will prepare your blanket for the crocheting. I have thought about doing that several times, but I'm not one of those people that can plan ahead for something like that, then remember to do it. It's now or never. Plus that seemed like cheating some how.
Then, last week at a sewing class, I heard the magic words....wing needle. It's this really wide needle that fits into your sewing machine. It works best with a fancy stitch like a star. You sew around the edge of the blanket and you get holes big enough to crochet in. You use a #8 crochet hook and #10 crochet string.

I think I'm in love! Oh and speaking of love, I'm in love with this card made by a dear friend of mine. Doesn't she do a great job? Definitely a great undiscovered Etsy shop!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Computer Crafting

Outside - more snow
Inside - a little computer crafting. The need for some labels to go on my etsy orders popped into my head and I just couldn't let go of it. I did what any normal crafter would do and jumped right in not knowing what I was doing. I drew a picture, scanned it onto my computer -which was a task in itself- and opened it up in Gimp. Keeping in mind that I have no idea how to use gimp. I pushed this button and that button and the undo button several times and finally came up with this.
And this
Not too bad for a first attempt. The line could be a little darker here and there, but overall, I was pretty pleased with myself, and hey, that's what it's all about right?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Robin Egss

Look at these beautiful robin eggs! OK, so I didn't really find a nest, I painted these wooden eggs. They were supposed to be for Easter, but I didn't quite get them done in time. The nest was a little harder than I had imagined. I took the kids down to the hallow to collect some sticks, but when we got home I couldn't figure it out. I ended up with this triangle shaped thing that wouldn't stay together without some glue. Those birds sure know what they're doing.
They don't look too bad with fall colors either.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'll take some hand stitching and a side of Pepto please

We've all been feeling a little under the weather, perhaps because of the weather? After a few beautiful days in which spring was teasing us a little, we ended up with another snow fall. The kids and I have been fighting that sick feeling off and on. One day your sick, the next your fine.

I spent a little time this weekend finishing up another of Alicia's dishtowels, and staying close to the bottle of Pepto.
The boys went on a camp out Friday night, so Diego and I took Sara to see Enchanted at the Dollar Theater. Very cute movie.

Oh, and happy April Fools Day!