Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Snow

Yesterday we had our first snow fall of the season. I have mixed feelings about that. It was beautiful to see the gingerbread city with a light dusting of powdered sugar. If it would only snow like that every time, then melt away the next day.
Yesterday was also one of those two steps forward one step back days. I spent the whole day getting things done, cleaning up weekend dishes, grocery shopping, dragging groceries in and putting them away...trying to sew pads in between. Then the kids came home and we went off to buy Sara some winter shoes -you can't wear sandals in the snow- and a couple of pairs of pants. She is 8 and not the shopper, especially when it involves trying things on. The shoes were a surprisingly quick decision, then she side tracked us with a haircut. The pants trip ended up taking over an hour in one store resulting in one pair of jeans, one pair of sweat type pants, a dress for church, a pack of socks and a boys Cars shirt that was $1. What did she want to wear this morning? The cars shirt that she also wore to bed. Luckily I talked her out of it.

With all that work done and much more to do, I came home to an empty Christmas tree. Apparently the dog pulled it over and no one including Daddio wanted to put the ornaments back on. I realized this of course after I was nagging the kids to change into something nice so we could take pictures for Christmas cards. Then it was making dinner, a lot of grumbling by me - which did get the Christmas tree put back together-, eating and family night which involved me dosing on and off during Wall-e...I should never have sat in the seat closest to the fireplace.
Needless to say, there wasn't much sewing going on. The first two pictures of that beautiful quilt are from the last quilt show...and it was not made by me...I do love it though, does that count? I did make the last quilt. It was supposed to be a hot pad about the size of a placemat. I even used that new thermal batting. Once the top was done, and I was making dinner one night looking at the last one that I made and how many stain/burn marks were on it, I realized that I couldn't bring myself to lay hot pots/pans on it. So now it's a wall quilt for the kitchen, hanging on the door to the laundry room.

Can we talk about gas for a minute? I miss cooking with gas. One of the reasons I came up with this hot pad is that I have an electric (said like a dirty word) stove with a ceramic top. I do like the ceramic top a lot more than the last stove with those coils, but you can't leave or place anything hot on it. So when you are done cooking, you can't just move the pot over to another "burner" you have to remove it. I've cooked on a gas stove my entire adult life. You can see the flame and make adjustments as necessary. When you turn off the gas, the heat is gone. Not so with electric. I have burned many o' things these last two years. We have a gas water heater down stairs in the basement, but apparently it would be like moving mountains in order to run a gas line from there to the kitchen upstairs. Something to do with the concrete slab on the main floor - or at least that's his story and he's sticking to it ;)

Oh, and one last thing. It's a small world. The other night at a fabric store, I starting chatting with the girl that worked there-Nancy. As we got to talking it ended up that she was from a small town in TN where my dear friend April moved to about 6 years ago. They knew eachother. So let's get this straight. April and April who both grew up in Burbank, CA and became friends when their kids were small-by the way, sharing the same name with your friend is really fun. You feel like you're talking to yourself a lot of the time and people look at you funny when you share a little story. Like I was talking to April the other day. They think you are talking about yourself in the third person. Or, when you call on the phone, Hi is April there, this is April. Or when we would go out to dinner...hmm, should we give them my name or yours?. Anyway, we both moved away about 6 years ago. April moved to TN and I moved to Las Vegas, then Utah. April met Nancy in TN, who then also moved to Utah. April (me) and Nancy met in Utah and realized that they both new April in TN. Is it just me or is that so crazy?


  1. I love the hot-pad-place-mat-wall-hanging-quilt! I wouldn't want to set anything on top of it either! And, YES, you April, April, Nancy story is crazy. Do things like that actually happen in real life? No one would beleive it if it was in a movie!

  2. I had to laugh about your tree, sorry. Many years ago I was in a carpool for work. We picked up our last rider (#5). We were pulling away when her tree went over and her 2 sons looked stunned.

    Beautifully quilt from the Show.

    Merry Quilting