Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still Canning?

Things seem to be slowing down around me, maybe it's just me slowing down - either way, it has been nice. The babies from the last post have been given to their new mommies who were very happy to have them.

Today a friend and I finally got up the nerve to ask a near by neighbor if we could help her with all of her pears that were falling off of her trees. She told us that we could come in and take all of the fruit that we wanted. An hour later, we were there with our grubbies on, buckets in hand, ladders and some helpers. And...I only fell out of the tree once...actually the ladder fell and I hung on while Rozella grabbed the ladder for me.

Now, in addition to the bruised apples that my across the street neighbor dropped off, I have a bushel of pears waiting to be "put up". Speaking of apples - I made a batch, actually half a batch of applesauce. I'm still trying to figure out if it was worth the effort. By the time I had the apples peeled, cored and sliced using one of those cool hand cranks, and cut out the bad parts of the apples, I only had about 1/2 of the apple left at most. Following my cook book, I cooked them down, ran them trough the blender, cooked them again with some sugar this time and when all was said and done, I had enough applesauce to fill up the empty jar of applesauce that I had bought at the grocery store for under $2. Hmm. Maybe I should make apple butter or something a little less common to make it worth my while. I've got enough apple jelly, plum jelly and apricot jelly to last through the year...although can one really ever have enough apricot jelly?

The remainder of the good apples were supposed to be made into apple pie filling, but they seem to be disappearing - they are just so good to eat as is. The pears are not bruised, so they are going to just get sliced and put up in jars - but they will have to wait a day or two. Tomorrow's to do list includes peanut butter fingers and kitty litter cake. Apparently I will be softening tootsie rolls in the microwave, then molding them into cat turds. Oh don't worry, I will definitely be sharing pictures along with the recipe.

Oh, almost forgot...I was able to get in on the doll quilt swap 5. I'm far to lazy after picking all of those pears to attach the link now, but the button for doll quilt swap 4 is still up and it will take you to the same place. I've finished my quilt...now it's hanging on the wall in my family room and I've started a 2nd quilt for my partner. I couldn't help it - but that's a story for another day.

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