Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Usually a Glass Half Full Kind of Girl

Just to balance out the universe, my last post of a good day, is followed by today's bad day.

It wasn't entirely bad really, just sort of screwy. The morning was going just fine, the boys were off to school and Sara and I were just about to leave to walk to school. We were having a "discussion" on whether or not she could wear her slippers to school. Which was a nice change from the You Can't Wear Sandals in the winter "discussion." After she made a good point about the stickers that were still in her feet - this girl never wears shoes - I relented and was going to let her wear them as long as she wore socks - like that's going to make any difference. Then it hit me - you can't wear slippers, you have a field trip today. Then it hit me harder - I'm supposed to go on the field trip with her. Keep in mind that when I walk her to school I'm in PJ bottoms, a hoodie thrown over a t-shirt and my sandals...with socks - maybe that's where she gets it. And this time, I was sporting a beanie to hide the bad short hair cut that I got this weekend and I swore I wouldn't go anywhere until it grew out.

So, I send her off to walk with friends rush inside and call the school thinking that maybe, just maybe the field trip would be in an hour. Nope, the bus was leaving in 15 minutes. I threw on clothes, wet down my man hair cut, brushed my teeth - I did brush my teeth, didn't I? and had Diego drop me off at the school. Once there, I realized that neither I nor Sara had a jacket. It was supposed to be in the 40's. I called Diego told him to bring jackets and met him in front of the school. He only brought one. He ran back home to get Sara's jacket while I went in to talk to the lunch lady to see if I could get a sack lunch. She said it was too late, and I went back out in front of the school in time to get the second jacket from Diego realizing that I hadn't had breakfast and wouldn't be getting lunch. When I went back in, the lunch lady hunted me down and said that she could have a lunch made up for me afterall. She had taken pitty on me...I think it was the hair.

Off we went with a bus full of screaming 3rd graders for an hour. We made it to the planitarium, and I successfully kept track of the 5 kids I was in charge of took them all for a potty break and made it in to the theater in time for the show. You know those theaters that have the rounded ceiling and they point out all of the stars. We were watching, it was quiet and warm and in true mom fashion, I fell asleep. Sadly, it wasn't my first time falling asleep in a planitarium. I dozed off and on realizing that I was doing so, but unable to stop myself. At least no one had noticed, right. Well just when the tone in the narrator's voice changed and I heard him say that the show was over, my lovely daughter blurts out, "great, now we have to wake up my mom!". You know those moments when everyone is talking and just when you say something the room goes silent - yep, one of those moments.

I was finally able to eat around 1:00. With a full belly and a nap under my belt, I finally got past that catching up feeling, and was able to laugh at the funny things the kids had said and the funny looks people had given my hair. Maybe it wasn't such a bad day after all.


  1. Anyone who has been a mom understands. If I sit down anywhere and the lights go low, I'm in trouble! And I'm not chasing little ones anymore so I don't have an excuse.

  2. April....I loved your field trip's sounds like something that would happen to me. Thanks for sharing.