Thursday, September 11, 2008

Special Delivery

Back from another fun filled visit from family. We didn't really go anywhere, we just took another mini staycation. The last one of the year. The kids loved seeing Grandma and Grandpa and spending time hanging out and playing a couple of rounds of Apples to Apples.

Just before our house guests arrived, this wonderful package arrived. It was my Quilt Swap 4 package. Driving out for a quick trip to the store, we found the package next to the mailbox. I had Josh grab it and we were going to wait to open it when we got home. As we were driving, I found myself fiddling with the tape and trying to pull up corners. Finally, rather than getting into an accident, I relinquished the package to Josh. By the time I pulled into the parking lot, the box was open and all of the treasures inside were being divvied out.
Candy necklaces, chewing gum, baseball cards, little trinkets and of course a quilt for me. Scott Hansen was my swap partner. We both signed up a little after the deadline and were able to get in on the action. The only catch was that we were each others' swap partner. It ends up that he knew he was sending a quilt to me, but he didn't know that I in turn was sending one to him. I kept spying on his blog watching the progress of my quilt.

While I loved the quilt and the little quilted pillow, what touched my heart the most was the little gifts for my kids. Thank you Scott! With mouths full of candy necklaces and gum, the kids said you should trade with him again. (Did you read it with that muffled mouth full of candy sound to it) Oh, and did y'all see that charm pack. I'm itching to start a little doll quilt of my own. Is it moda? I think it's moda. Get'cha moda rollin'...


  1. I love that quilt! The colors are so bright and cheery, and I love the depth that the quilted stitching provides. And what a treat for the kids!


  2. I wish I could learn how to quilt.
    Where is a good place to start?
    I lurk on your blog quite a bit and I have for a long while now.
    I hope you don't mind. Today is the first day I decided to finally comment and I have commented lots!

  3. I'm so glad you decided to comment - it's nice to hear from you.

    As for quilting, I think a good place to start is a doll quilt or a baby quilt - something small so you see quick results and the baby or doll is not going to care if you make a mistake or two. I would get a book at the library and find something simple. Stay away from the thick complicated looking books.

    I started by making small baby quilts for a local hospital. It was for babies with aids, so they wanted small quilts. My mom taught me to make a basic patchwork quilt. Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

  4. Thank you. You are so kind.
    I will let you know how things go!

  5. looks like a gorgeous bunch of loot. especially envious of that mdoa charm pack. hope you share your plans for that soon.

  6. Wonderful blog! Full of color and beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing your treasures with us!
    My best whishes!

    Patricia (from Argentina)

  7. Patricia - My husband is from Argentina :)