Monday, September 15, 2008


Yesterday we received an invitation to an "End of Summer Cookie Party". End of summer...that made me think, when is it the first official day of Autumn. I searched the internet, looked at a few sites then finally glanced at the calendar on my fridge and found that next Monday is the first official day of autumn - at least it is on my calendar.

So here's the invitation for you...I invite you to go back to this day last year in your photo archives and find a picture of "today in history" or pretty close. I was amazed at how much has changed and yet how much is the same. Who are these little babes? Are they the teenager that is now taller than me and who actually cares about his grades, the preteen that is training to be the next Lance Armstrong and the 8 year old that is blossoming into a fine young lady? They might be getting older and taller, but one constant is our family's love for nature. Our albums are filled with pictures like these with just a few variations...who is being carried, who is trailing behind, and which ones are running ahead.

I think it's going to be oatmeal-pumpkin-chocolate chip cookies for the party. My effort to hold the past in my heart, embrace the seasons ahead and enjoy the moments right now. Happy changing of seasons!


  1. Your post made me think. It makes me want to cry, my little boys growing up. I miss them being babies.

  2. I was just looking through my own photo albums the other day, trying to reconcile a fat-faced baby with the stubble-chinned 17 yr old boy at the dinner table. I am often amazed at how my role as his mom has changed and yet stayed the same. After our last baby, I wondered how I would feel joining the ranks of the "done". I love your blog!