Friday, August 29, 2008

An Apple A Day

Back to school, fall is approaching, harvest time....I couldn't resist.

Only one available here.

My 14 year old "wrecked" on his long board yesterday. We were at the ball park - soccer - when I got the phone call from his friend's mom, letting me know what happened. She said his arm had a pretty bad gash in it - "a chunk is missing." I talked to him and he said he was OK, and they were going to his other friends house to fix it up. I called him back and the friend's dad wasn't home so they were going to clean it up themselves -yikes! I sent him over to a Amie's house -she's the type that can super glue her kids back together- and called him five minutes later. The conversation went something like this...
Me - "How is it?"
Amie - "Pretty bad"
Me - "Do you think it needs stitches"
Amie - "No, there's really nothing left to stitch."
Me - sick noises
The boys in the background - "Look, Amie, there's a rock in it"
Amie - "That's not a rock that's meat"
Me - more sick noises

He ended up getting all cleaned up and I ended up no vomiting or passing out. When we all got back together, Dad checked it out and he said, "It's a good thing you didn't look at it. It even made me a little sick." To which I got sick all over again. It looks ok, but we're taking him to the doctor today just to be sure it's cleaned out and he doesn't get an infection. Most likely I'll be waiting in the reception area. No sense in diverting the doctor's attention to me passing out.

edited to add - the doctor sent him over for x-rays, he thinks it's fractured or broken. Do I get the mom of the year award or what?

edited again - OK, it's not broken...whew!


  1. Cute pad! I love it!

    Sorry about his arm! What is it with the accidents lately??? Between your 14 yods & my 15 yodd, our lives are pretty crazy, huh?

    I hope he gets feeling better soon!

  2. I have two boys... I understand! They are pretty much grown now so we don't have the accidents we used to, but I still feel your pain!

  3. I'd probably feel pretty sick, too. Don't blame ya. I don't do well with that kind of stuff.

  4. oh eww, i am so glad i didnt have boys, i dont think i could have handled that!!

  5. oops heehe forgot to mention about the apple pad, too cute!!